Editing & Writing Services

kind, consistent editing to get you where you want to be

Don’t let something
as simple as money stand
in the way of your dreams.
I offer payment plans!

Substantive Edit

Substantive editing helps to streamline & refine your text to reveal your best writing, your strongest message. I work with your writing from its bones (structure) to its skin (style). I analyze technique, grammar, spelling, form & more, making edits within the text & leaving comments to ensure I am working towards your goal.

Substantive Editing ~$55 CAD per hour
Corporate Rates ~$65 CAD per hour

Skill Building Edit


Skill Building edits advance your writing skills fast! This substantive edit includes detailed explanations & examples on how you can achieve your best writing. Feedback is encouraging & constructive. This form of one-the-page mentorship allows you to grow as quickly as you would in a university writing seminar.

Skill Building Edit ~$60 CAD per hour
Corporate Rates ~$75 CAD per hour

content writing
& ghost writing

I craft quality content for businesses, creatives, professionals & non-profits. My expertise includes poetry, essays & introductions, website content, speeches, letters & emails, documentation, articles, resumes, manuals & more! I also work one-on-one with experts to create or revise field-specific documentation.

Content Writing ~$60 CAD per hour
Corporate Rates ~$75 CAD per hour

Ghost Writing ~$150 CAD per hour
Corporate Rates ~$165 CAD per hour

Custom services & special projects

Creative & professional

I have a broad skillset & many talents I can put to work for you. Such as personalizing my editing or writing services, or creating a custom masterclass course or workshop for you. A reasonable research fee may apply.

Other services include hosting, presentations, website content consultation, document formatting, manuscript layout, Field Expert Facilitation & more. Contact me to discuss your project.

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