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write you.

A master artisan of the written word, I work closely with writers & professionals—so that you can be heard, read & valued for what you bring to the world. I respect your voice, streamlining & refining your text so that you shine! I craft sincere professional writing that expresses your unique vision. I don’t just elevate, I educate! My masterclass courses, mentoring & workshops build fine writing fast. If you don’t know where to start, I can help you with that too. Be heard. Be the change. Write you.

Each for Equal - International Women's Day Conference March 7&8, 2020 hosted by Network for the Empowerment of Women, Halifax NS

Your voice is valuable & necessary. Without you, something important will be missing from the world.

As a female entrepreneur & ally, I assist individuals in business. As an editor & writing consultant, I help poets & long-form writers elevate their craft & publish. As an educator & mentor, I don’t just teach, I provide honest, encouraging feedback & tools to build evolving skillsets. I believe in you, I want you to be successful on your terms! We all thrive when we follow what we are called to do.

passion & professionalism

I don’t believe in “correcting” someone’s writing or that “tearing apart” someone’s work “improves” it. All writers begin in the same place, no exceptions. Writing is a skill, learnable, & we all achieve more from supportive feedback.

What I do believe is that it’s not what but how. I also believe in abandoning established narratives to find your own voice & give life to what matters to you. To honour that belief, I regularly pursue professional development with award-winning writers & teach myself new technical skills. With this ever-evolving skillset, I can personalize my services for you while remaining true to your voice & mission.

Current Online Offerings

Why do we write? What draws us to this medium? For some it’s a calling & for others it’s a pleasure. I design all my own courseware. Informative & innovative, each participant receives a detailed handout for future reference. All my writing spaces offer a collaborative experience where each participant has the opportunity to explore, grow & be heard. Most workshops are open to beginners and writers of all genres & levels. Masterclass courses require a basic knowledge of fine writing. Each zoom class is a safe, inclusive & encouraging space. Cost varies per workshop or masterclass course. Payment plans are available for all courses.

If you happen to miss a course or would like a private workshop, feel free to contact me.

I believe in rising together. Each of us has the power to make positive, impactful change. Our talents & passions build healthy, happy & supportive communities.

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