“cOnfinement” – Opening Poem of the 21st Annual Festival Frye Festival by Kayla Geitzler & Jean-Philippe Raîche

Opening bilingual poem (English & French) that examines the initial response to the coronavirus pandemic. Composed with fellow Francophone Poet Laureate Jean-Philippe Raîche and musicians Sebastien Michaud and Denis Surette. Filmography by Louis-Philippe Chiasson.

“in the Cathedral of St. John the Divine” ~ Thirteen: New Collected Poems from LGBTQI2S Writers in Canada, League of Canadian Poets, 2019

“…he whispers I’m going to fuck
the gay out of you a scourge a censer’s
fragrant upswing clouding vaulted
arches buttresses I close my eyes
to the unceasing —
beneath the rose window an
art installation: pronghorn skulls
mounted on lodgepole pine in a
closed system entropy always
—unappeasable yearning for
her mouth on mine her acrylic
nails’ benediction in my bra sweaty
thighs rubbing in denim cutoffs my
body never did anything so delicate
as perspire…”

Greta Geitzler “Greta Hálfdansdottir/Hrímgerðer” & her brother “Charles Hálfdanson”
“GRETA HRÍMGERDR” ~ Gnaw & Gnarl, Frog Hollow Press, 2018

“transitional cell-sick stubborn-Greta Hálfdansdottir became hrímgerðr
illness-withered crone-bent smoke-haired pallor-grim Greta Hrímgerðr
irritable and quarrelsome round-shouldered gloaming-fearing pull the bed sheets to her chin and recalled a voyage parent-accompanied on a Nepalese riverboat…   

in her winter-darkened window my galdr gaze scryed their vessel
tide-turned and fog-steered rudderless drifting…halted by a shroud
of marsh birds undulating into the dusk by the thousands…Greta Hrímgerðr gestured to her reflection, said —from the bow I hailed my fylgja: crone-grey hospital-gowned bone-bodied.

duty-laden Charles Hálfdanson brother-brought his sister-vagabond
stubborn-Greta Hrímgerðr tongue flyting to the seiðmenn of oncology
…my father silver-headed pillar-straight strong-shouldered laid both his
sister and his hopes before gods of scalpel and pharmaceutical cure-all…”

Les Effeuilleuses: Poetry collective, Three Poems ~ 2018

An anthology of ekphrastic poems in English & French written to the beautiful and provocative multimedia images created by artist Diane Jutras.

Poetry is Dead: One Poem, 2017
GalleoN: One Short Story, One Book Review ~ 2016
Cover visual art by Nancy King Schofield
CADENCE: VOIX FÉMININES  FEMALE VOICES ~ Co-editor; Frog Hollow Press, 2020

Cadence is an anthology of fine poetry featuring twenty-five accomplished New Brunswick women writers & translators. This edition features poetry in Arabic, English, French, German, & Vietnamese. Cadence is about the energy & movement of language in NB. Even the word itself, cadence, possesses an interlingual fluidity. A word that in French is feminine, as is the word langue, as are the voices in this collection, des voix féminines…voices of women poets who, like their “many-a-mothers” before them, have always been here, or who, by desire or circumstance, have settled here. Each write from a unique linguistic, social, and cultural perspective. Our literature is this “being”, a cadence of threads & currents, blood & culture, history tangled in future. We live in & on the tongue.

Winifred Wilcox Geitzler, Apple Blossom Queen of 1942
“Dear Apple Blossom Queen of 1942” – Honorable Mention, Great Blue Heron Poetry Contest, THE ANTIGONISH REVIEW, 2020

“…Allow yourself to admit you are
your old woman’s body
honey drained from the lion—

what used to be called crippled:
that word axed into your stride
by rheumatism winnowing like
an old camp saw, carnassial teeth
in every swollen joint.”

“…Have courage, especially when the OPP finally arrest you, the Galloping Granny, for speeding on the 401 and return you to your husband.Even when he chuckles, “Fifty years ago she stole a patrolman’s motorcycle and took it for a ride. The rebel in us will crawl until it dies.”

Published by Ifeoma Esonwune, Halifax, NS
INSPIRE FEATURe: “That Light Feeling under Your Feet: Kayla Geitzler – Editor & Writing Consultant” – Rise & Lead Magazine
That Light Feeling Under Your Feet ~ NeWest Press, 2018

That Light Feeling Under Your Feet plunges headfirst into the surreal and slogging world of cruise ship workers. These masterfully crafted poems challenge perpetuating colonial and class relations, as well as the hedonistic lifestyle attributed to the employees of these floating resorts. Kayla Geitzler’s debut collection interprets isolation, alienation, racism, and assimilation into the margins as inevitable consequences for the seafaring workforce of the most profitable sector of the tourism industry.

from “feral mini fridges of Cozumel”

“…in the dreams of the conquered
even a cruise ships sleeps
weight 3am tonnage
just a buoy under
a faceless moon
confiscated mini-appliances
hop down from towers of themselves
they shuffle to the ship’s ribs
& faulty chill-seal mouths bite
wheel-handles & crank
spreading the vessel’s breastbone
wide to a humid wind
a swell & they spill
into a flapper’s sequined dress
fish take wing frenzied…”

No mere three-hour tour, That Light Feeling Under Your Feet is an unflinching portrait of life at sea, and the discrimination, racism, and misogyny inherent in the tourism industry. Darkly humorous and deftly realized, the poems in That Light Feeling Under Your Feet stick in the mind like ‘endless leviathans’ harnessing the controlled chaos of the word.”~ Jim Johnstone, author of The Chemical Life

“Like a workaday Virgil, Kayla Geitzler takes us from the upper decks of rum cocktails, jackpot bingo, and conga lines into the underworkings of cruise ships — the sale-to-sail palliative powers of simulacrum, the trinket-exhausted ports, and the forced smiles of deck staff under a manager’s beady gaze. In poem after startling poem, Geitzler’s sustained meditation forces our attention back to this absurd microcosm, proving herself a provocative emissary to frantic mass tourism.”~ Tammy Armstrong, author of Take Us Quietly

All Lit Up: Chappy Hour & Rad Women of Canadian Poetry
Something in the Water: Kayla Geitzler’s That Light Feeling Under Your Feet

Ibrahim Abu Qamar’s farm near Al-Salt, Jordan
The Fiddlehead: Three Poems ~ 2015

from “Bustan Ibrahim (Ibrahim’s Garden)”

“…Under his dense branches
the neighbour’s peacock
mutters, each fruitless
utterance an abacus
accruing hours between
salah until, envious
of the muezzin’s timbre
lifting velvet-like and clear,
the creature calls
out one minor note
that wavers into submission.”

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