About Kayla G.

Ahoy! It’s my book: a poetry collection about the two years I worked on cruise ships! These darkly humorous narratives gained me a place on the Calgary Bestseller List, national recognition by the CBC, and were recently shortlisted for the 2018 New Brunswick Book Awards. I was even named a Rad Woman of Canadian Poetry by All Lit Up!

Some Fun Facts:

I love to travel. Some of the places I’ve visited include the Amazon, Tahiti and the Marquesas, Jordan, the UAE, and the Philippines where I was privileged to meet 102-year old Apo Whang-Od.

INTJ Female – I am the rarest Myers Briggs personality. Only 0.8% of women are known to be INTJ types.

I was a technical editor on Canada’s largest pipeline installation projects and an Instructional Design Support at NAV CANADA. I designed and wrote national and regional curriculms with Air Traffic Controllers.

I’m a natural writer and editor. I enjoy meeting new (to me) writers and discovering how we can expand the horizons of their writing!

See what the CBC and All Lit Up have to say about my work!
Read some of my poetry and get a free recipe for a rum swizzle!
My first review ever!

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Location Moncton NB, Canada Phone 506-233-5933 E-mail kaylagwrites@gmail.com Hours M-F: 9AM - 10PM, Sat: 10AM - 4PM Sun: By Appointment
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