Chez Nous In Moncton

Anglophone Poet Laureate Community Poetry Project

Our City, Our People, Our Pride | Notre ville, nos peuples, notre fierté

CHEZ NOUS IN MONCTON is my City of Moncton community poetry project. I will be creating a multilingual found poem representing the many voices within Moncton and neighbouring First Nations. My found poem will use excerpts from interviews and writing gathered from Moncton and First Nations students, professionals, artists, and residents from all walks of life. My goals is to examine who we are as individuals and how our communities inspire us. What does home mean to each of us? Why is this city home? The final text will demonstrate our strong sense of community, as well as the significance Moncton holds for us all. 

The completed text will first take life as a condensed bilingual text (public reading as part of the Frye Festival’s 21st annual edition, in April 2020). A longer multilingual text will then become a video poem read by local writers, artists, students and the people who serve Moncton daily, such as elders, doctors, teachers, RCMP, firefighters, air traffic controllers, and others members of note. The video will be presented during the 22nd annual edition of the Frye Festival, in April 2021.

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