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MY GIFT IS HELPING people PURSUE THEIR AUTHENTIC VOICE OR MISSION with WRITING. My passion for written excellence has grown into 15 years of well-rounded experience in the arts & many technical fields.

Write You.

As a master artisan of the written word, I work closely with writers & professionals who want to be heard. I streamline & refine your text to reveal your best writing, or your strongest message. The Meryl Streep of my field, I work in your voice. I craft sincere professional writing that expresses your unique vision. I don’t just elevate, I educate. My Masterclasses & workshops build fine writing fast. If you don’t know where to start, I can help you with that too. I want you to be heard so that you can do what you’re meant to do: change the world.

Editing – Substantive & Skill Building

An editor’s job is to tweak language so that your text—poem, report, website content, speech, short story, novel, emails, documentation, manuscript, article, academic paper—shines.

Substantive Editing is where I streamline & refine your text to reveal your best writing or strongest message. I examine your text as a whole, as a body. I work with your writing from its bones (structure) to its skin (aesthetic). I analyze technique, grammar, spelling, form & more, making edits within the text and leaving comments to ensure I am working towards your goal. As always, I work within your artistic or professional vision so that you can be heard!

Are you seeking to improve your writing skills fast? Request a Skill Building Edit! Just like a substantive edit, I analyze & edit, leaving detailed explanations on how you can achieve your best writing. Feedback is always constructive. This form of textual mentoring allows you to grow as quickly as you would in a university level seminar.

Mentoring – Creative & Professional

Working with my mentor elevated my writing & changed my future. Now I work to do the same: lift up others in the craft of writing.

As your writing mentor, I see the best in your work & can offer many perspectives on how to reach your goals. I guide you in your voice or argument, respecting your creative vision or industry. During video calls, phone calls, or in-person sessions, you’ll receive my undivided attention & expertise. You will be given readings & exercises in theory, process & technique, along with writing (& publishing) advice. Through steady writing & exploring the intent & “how” of your ideas, you will advance your writing fast. I can also offer help with formal recitation or public speaking. I believe in you.


I craft quality content for businesses, creatives, professionals & non-profits. My expertise includes reports, website content, speeches, letters & emails, documentation, articles, resumes, manuals & more! A keen collaborator, my skillset includes co-authorship & ghostwriting. I also offer Field Expert Facilitation: working one-on-one with experts to create or revise discipline-specific writing & documentation.


My most popular writing courses are my Masterclasses! These 8-week courses in Poetry or Prose are constructed for writers who have a basic, intermediate, or advanced understanding of writing & wish to advance their creative writing skillset. Weekly readings assignments for each class include Theory or Process—conceptual & behind-the-scenes practices of published authors, as well as diverse & inclusive writing from talented living authors. Each class revolves around group discussion of the weekly readings & workshopping of participants’ original works. I foster a safe, healthy workshopping environment built on honest, constructive feedback. All participants are encouraged in their unique voice & creative vision without the interference of ego.


My Writing Workshops are typically three-hour sessions or cover a two-day period. Using a collaborative approach, my workshops examine a wide variety of subjects & technical skills in poetry, prose & technical writing. I foster a safe, healthy workshopping environment where we give honest & constructive feedback. All participants are encouraged in their unique voice & creative vision without the interference of ego.

Upcoming courses are posted on my landing page & Facebook Business page. I also collaborate with Shannon Edgett to offer Healing with Writing Workshops! Contact me to save your seat in my current offering! Interested in a past Masterclass course or workshop? Contact me to discuss holding your topic of interest for just you or your group.

Custom Products & Other Services

Marketing myself as the Meryl Streep of my field isn’t just a quaint means of grabbing your attention—I’m serious, that’s what I do. If you are interested in a Masterclass course, workshop, or other service and would like to have it personalized for you or your group, contact me to discuss. A reasonable personalization & research fee may apply.

Other services include Instructional Design Support, SharePoint design, website content consultation, speeches, resumes, formatting documentation and manuscripts, & more. Contact me to discuss your project.


Client Reviews

Kayla did an amazing workshop at our International Women’s Day conference. She was on point, very professional and she loves helping people like me with my writing. I would recommend her to all my customers any given day. Kayla has excellent knowledge in her field of work & is very passionate about writing.

Avril Jean-Jacques, Lifestyle Advisor & Global Distributor – Global Opulence Canada

As an aspiring writer, I have been taking a class for the past few weeks with Kayla Geitzler. I highly recommend tapping into the variety of services she offers, she’s of great talent! She is inspiring, motivating, flexible, a great teacher, collaborator, almost a friend. 🙂 It’s been a beautiful experience for me and I am already signing up for more. Thank you, Kayla, for doing what you do through simply being you & sharing your wealth with the world. The world needs more people like you! XO.

Annie L. Breau, Visionary Writer

I’ve taken Kayla’s Poetry Masterclass & certainly recommend it. I found the class to be a top-notch learning experience. She draws on a broad reading list during class to pull you into the discussion & to make you think deeply about your own writing voice. I particularly appreciate how responsive she is to each individual’s writing style. Her feedback is focused & constructive. She edits in such a way that you are able to understand how you can better express what you want to say without compromising your intent. You come away with a much clearer sense of what you have to do to refine your work.

Elizabeth Blanchard, Editor & Author

Kayla is a brilliant poet, writer, editor & teacher. I learned so much from her one-one-on mentoring & masterclasses. She respects & brings out the personal voice of her student’s writing. I enjoyed the cultural diversity she weaves into each class & the sensitivity of the weekly readings. I highly recommend her excellent Masterclass course.

Kimberly Gautreau, Poet

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