Mentoring & Tutoring


Elevate Your Writing to a Professional Level – Creative & Workplace

As your mentor, I see the best in your writing and your unlimited potential. I believe in you and what you will accomplish! During video calls or in-person sessions, you’ll receive my undivided attention and expertise. Through a combination of assigned readings, theory, technique building, and steady writing, you can significantly advance your writing in a short period of time!

I’d love to know where you’d like your writing to take you! Contact me for a chat and discuss the different mentoring journeys I can offer you.


Good Writing = Higher Grades & Solid Life Skills

My tutoring expertise ranges from typical English assignments, such as writing essays, poems, short stories, presentations, and speeches; to letter writing, resumes, and other formal documentation. I also tutor in rhetoric, or how to speak to an audience, literary theory, and some ESL.

I tutor ages 12 to university, and also assist mature students and adult learners. I may consider younger students. Please contact me to discuss your needs, your child’s needs, or to hire me for a group session.

*Please note, I will not write an academic paper for you and I do not check sources.