Editing & Writing Services

Empowerment and validation are a significant part of my core concepts, but so is striving for great works whenever possible.

Editing Services

I am proud to see my clients making significant and measurable gains under my tutorship. My core services are customizable and adaptable, to support their writing goals and evolving professional needs.

Substantive Edit – Specialized

The “kitchen sink” of all editing! Geared for writers of all levels and styles, academics, professionals, and businesses.

Elevation Edit – Specialized

This textual form of mentorship is centred in skill building and tailored to each individual. For those seeking to significantly improve their technical or creative writing fast! Identifies areas for improvement through detailed explanations and solution-oriented responses.

Techincal Edit – Specialized

This specialized techincal edit for professional documentation goes beyond the standard review to include copy editing and a format check.

Manuscript Consultation

Did you know publishers are now only accepting near-final manuscripts of fine writing? Includes a “kitchen sink” edit, organizational proofing, light revisionary suggestions. Can also include elevation editing, if requested. Payment plans available.


Covers diverse documentation. Includes title pages, page numbers, Tables of Contents, paragraphs, tables and other graphics, photo insertion, PDFing, and in-house or academic styles. Template creation available.


A second set of eyes for your near-final text. This light edit checks for outstanding errors in spelling, grammar, formatting, and syntax.

Writing Services

Content Writing for Businesses and Professionals

I am an adept and adaptable technical writer with good instincts. My background includes Not-for-Profits, the Arts & Humanities, the Hydrocarbon Industry and various Pipeline Installation disciplines, Air Traffic Control, as well as SharePoint, publishing, and other fields.

Creative Copywriting

Do you have an incredible idea for a novel or a collection of short stories but dislike writing yourself? Would you love to give your special someone a poem written just for them? Let’s work together to bring your creative ideas to life!

Field Expert Facilitation

My expertise includes sitting with intelligent professionals and “translating” the language of their specialty for a less technical audience. My experience includes specialties such as Air Traffic Control and Hydrocarbon Infrastructure and Installation.

Instructional Design Support

With a team of specialized professionals, I can design and write practical curriculums/courseware/learning materials to easily measure each employee or student’s knowledge through reasonable milestones.


Combine any two hourly services per project to receive a 50% discount on the second service. Excludes proofreading.

Let’s work together!

Looking for something not included in my list of services, or working within a budget? I’d love to help you meet your writing or documentation goals!