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When we share what we write, we build community

I believe strongly in building community. While my main focus is within the Literary Arts in New Brunswick, Canada, I understand the importance of inclusivity. I believe that as writers we succeed together, and everyone’s voice is valuable. Working as an editor & writing consultant allows me to do this through vocational skill-building.

The Maritimes (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island) and my home city, Moncton, are very important to me. Moncton is unique in many ways- Chiac, poutine, the incredible International Frye Festival, the tidal bore -but our friendliness, our openness and strong sense of community is what sets us apart. I was born here, I grew up here, and now I proudly represent Moncton as an author and Poet Laureate.

As writers, we succeed together.

Moncton Poète flyée | Anglophone Poet Laureate 2019 – 2021

A photo of myself and partner Poet Flyee | Francophone Poet Laureate Jean-Philippe Raiche.

In September 2019, I was appointed as Moncton’s inaugural English-language Poet Laureate. A huge step for any poet in their career, this is even more meaningful to me because I am representing literature in my city. I’ve hardly begun and my role has already been so rewarding. I can’t wait to meet more people and work on my community poetry project Chez Nous In Moncton!

Moncton Community Poetry Project

Submit your stories in your language of choice!


CHEZ NOUS IN MONCTON is my City of Moncton and Frye Festival community poetry project. I will be creating a multilingual found poem representing the many voices within Moncton and neighbouring First Nations. My found poem will use excerpts from interviews and writing gathered from Moncton and First Nations students, professionals, artists, and residents from all walks of life. My goals is to examine who we are as individuals and how our communities inspire us. What does home mean to each of us? Why is this city home? The final text will demonstrate our strong sense of community, as well as the significance Moncton holds for us all. 

The completed text will first take life as a condensed bilingual text (public reading as part of the Frye Festival’s 21st annual edition, in April 2020). A longer multilingual text will then become a video poem read by local writers, artists, students and the people who serve Moncton daily, such as elders, doctors, teachers, RCMP, firefighters, air traffic controllers, and others members of note. The video poem will be presented during the 22nd annual edition of the Frye Festival, in April 2021.

I would love to include you – contact me!

Host – Attic Owl Reading Series

Moncton’s oldest, and primarily, English-language reading series is held once a month at charming Cafe C’es La Vie in Moncton. We feature musicians and writers from New Brunswick and all over the world. I am honoured to be hosting such a long-standing literary tradition in my city.

Co-Authorship Projects: Anthologies, Chapbooks, and Memoirs

What story lives inside you?

Every two years, I parnter with a individual to help them make their writing dream come true. These manuscripts form and grow over the course of an amazing journey. I also work with individuals who are interested in collecting and anthologizing life experiences.

This past year, my good friend and talented prose writer Elizabeth Blanchard partnered with me to make one of my writing dreams come true! We created Cadence.

Cadence: Voix féminines  Female Voices – A Multilingual Chapbook of New Brunswick Women Writers

Cadence is a fothcoming collection of fine poetry contributed by twenty-four accomplished women writers from my home province, New Brunswick. This translation edition features poetry in English, French, German, Vietnamese, and Arabic. My good friend and talented prose writer Elizabeth Blanchard joined me in this year-long co-authorship journey.

About Cadence: Voix féminines  Female Voices

Cadence is about the energy and movement of language in our province. Tidal rhythms can be heard in the languages of the people— languages and accents that shift as you move across the province, North to South, river to sea. Even the word itself, cadence, possesses an interlingual fluidity. A word that in French is feminine, as is the word langue, as are the voices in this collection, des voix féminines…voices of women poets who, like their “many-a-mothers” before them, have always been here, or who, by desire or circumstance, have settled here. Each write from a unique linguistic, social, and cultural perspective. New Brunswick is a province of parole and parlé. The synthesis of our tongues define us. We are a close-knit people who welcome and include. We share. We listen. The unique flexing of our tongues reflects this. Our literature is this “being”, a cadence of threads and currents, blood and culture, history tangled in future…. Like our fiddlehead ferns, comme des fougères, NB unfurls with language. We live in and on the tongue. 

Clients & Partners

I am proud to work with many people from my community, within the Maritimes, Canada, and abroad. Here are some of my clients and partners!