Attic Owl Reading Series

Our many of friends, fine readers, and patrons of the Arts that attend our monthly events in Moncton ! Top right: Ed Lemond, established the Attic Owl Reading Series in 1994 at his bookshop, the Attic Owl. On the left below NB’s great Grey Owl is myself, now the host of the reading series. The dynamic duo of Phil Hall and l’incroyable poete Acadienne Rose Despres! Next we have the vibrant poetess and local business woman Kimberly Gautreau, and Artful Gerald Arthur Moore, a teacher at Harrison Trimble High School. Bottom left is generous local business owner, David Shin who hosts us each month at his cozy Cafe C’est La Vie!

Check out our upcoming events, from September to the first week of June each year, on our Facebook page! If you are an author visiting NB and would like to read with us, feel free to email us to receive reading information and availability!

If you would like to support us, please visit our Patreon account!

Location Moncton NB, Canada Phone 506-233-5933 E-mail Hours M-F: 9AM - 10PM, Sat: 10AM - 4PM Sun: By Appointment
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